PEDAL CRUSH - Stompbox Effects For Creative Music Making - Kickstarter

PEDAL CRUSH - Stompbox Effects For Creative Music Making - Kickstarter

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Coming this October:

PEDAL CRUSH explores guitar effects pedals as a tool for everyone: showing how all musicians – producers, DJs, instrumentalists, vocalists and of course guitarists – can benefit creatively from using stompboxes in different ways.

The book contains everything, from starting out with a pedal board or software to concepts, purpose, history and creative possibilities of specific effects and pedal types. Presentations of both popular and rare pedals, contemporary, boutique, and vintage, as well as lots of illustrated tips and tricks. PEDAL CRUSH takes the reader on a unique journey of discovery, resulting in clarity and expanded knowledge of effects pedals and their creative, musical possibilities. 

Interviews with artists using effects pedals:

Like in our two previous books, readers will meet a range of inspiring artists ranging from known guitar masters to creative artists like Ed O'Brien from Radiohead, Dub FX, Hainbach, Trentemøller, Lara Somogyi, Nels Cline, Tycho, Nick Reinhardt, Kid Koala, Matt Johnson (The The), and many others. 

Interviews with pedal makers and brands

Pedal creators and brands, which are particularly evident to the scene, are featured in specific interviews, such as BOSS, Strymon, Zvex Effects, Chase Bliss Audio, Electro-Harmonix, Empress Effects, Keeley Electronics, Death By Audio, EarthQuaker Devices, TC Electronic, Gamechanger Audio, Glou Glou, Hologram Electronics, Red Panda, and many more.

Main topics

The book is divided into main sections of effect types. Each chapter within these introduce technical, usable, and audible features of the effect, and ramps up from basic options to effects pedals with more advanced combinations. The sections of the book will all contain contemporary effects as well as historic touch points, vintage rarities, and "oddballs." 

  •  Introduction to effects pedals (Pre-amps, amps, pedal boards, playing styles, power, and utilities - everything you need to get started)
  •  GAIN (Pre-amp, Overdrive, Fuzz, Distortion, Bit crush)
  •  DYNAMICS (Noise Gate, Boost, Compressor)
  •  FILTER (EQ, Filter, Wah wah, Talkbox)
  •  PITCH (Harmonizer, Octave/Pitch shifter, Synth, Whammy)
  •  MODULATION (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Vibrato, Vibe, Rotary, Ring modulation)
  •  TIME (Delay, Reverb, Looper, Granular, Freeze, Doubler)
  •  MULTI-FX (All-in one pedals, Creative combinations, etc.)
  • Software, modelling, and profiling
  • Index, Glossary, and resources

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PEDAL CRUSH is written by Kim Bjørn and Scott Harper (Knobs) with help from a team of great editors, advisors, and journalists: Mike Metlay, Paul Vnuk Jr., Andy Martin, Peter Fernando, Daniel Fisher, Diana Smethurst, and many others.

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