The definitive pedal book

Dive into a fascinating celebration of stompbox effects. Whether you’re a guitarist, a synth head, a DJ, or a vocalist, PEDAL CRUSH takes you on a colorful journey of discovery, with rare pedals, in-depth artist interviews, and illustrated tips and tricks.

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800+ pedals

From the classic to the exotic, from the early days to the cutting edge – discover new pedals, and find out new things about the pedals you know.

45 in-depth interviews

Take a tour of some famous pedalboards, and get insight on how artists and pedal makers shape sound.

100+ tips and ideas

Get inspired – the book covers the science, the design, and the history of effects pedals, but also looks into how you can use them in your own jams and compositions.

modular synthesis


The new book about modular synths, their makers, and masters. Patching secrets, performance tips, history, modules, and techniques.

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Get the new book on electronic music gear that fits every music studio desk or coffee table, whether you are a pro, student, or home enthusiast.


PUSH TURN MOVE is an outstanding resource, and a bloody good read for anyone interested in electronic music making stuff.

DJ Worx

This tome is an immaculately designed history of dance music technology. It touches on every element of electronic music gear, and is a great book for anyone at all interested in the history of gear design.

DJ TechTools

Looking over parts of it, it looks like it's very well done, very well researched, and a very well-told story.

Roger Linn

Push Turn Move looks stunning and it’s chock full of interesting bits of information for any electronic musician. If the design of the instruments you play everyday (and of those you’ve always dreamed of) is something utterly fascinating for you, this is the next book you want to read.


Consider this the bible for electronic music.

Darren E Cowley, Managing director, Isotonik Studios.

I've always wished people could study these wonderful electronic instruments in detail ... Because, between the transistors, in the circuits, in the lines of code, there is this fascinating life. I'm happy that Kim brought it forward to us, so more people can study it.

Jean-Michel Jarre

PEDAL CRUSH - The new book on guitar effects pedals, their masters, and makers. Coming November 29th. 800+ pedals, 45+ interviews, 100+ tips and ideas. Pre-order here or at one of our great resellers. Check out how it was funded on Kickstarter...

PUSH TURN MOVE - is THE book on electronic music instruments and a must-have for every synth and design freak. Recommended for DJs, musicians and producers by FACTmag, DJ TechTools, ASK.AUDIO and AudioNewsRoom. By Kim Bjørn, with a foreword by Jean-Michel Jarre.

PATCH & TWEAK - Exploring Modular Synthesis now available! The new ultimate book on modular concepts and synthesis, explored with patch tips from artists, over 500 modules, clear examples, tips and ideas. By Kim Bjørn and Chris Meyer, with a foreword by Suzanne Ciani.

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